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Shipping & Returns 

Customers are requested to carefully read and abide by the following rules prior to purchase: 

1) All items purchased including the correct shipping charges will have to be fully paid for, prior to us dispatching the goods. 

2) We will normally use Royal Mail Second Class or First class  delivery service for U.K customers only. Every effort will be made to ensure that orders are dispatched at the earliest. Next day delivery in the UK can not always be  guaranteed. Maximum of 3 working days can be expected for the dispatch of orders. 

3) The maximum shipping charges for UK based customers will normally not exceed £5.40pence (Flat rate). Customers living in Europe can expect their items to be  delivered by Standard Airmail.  However, items weighing up to 500 grams will be charged a maximum of £5.40pence . If the total weight exceeds this weight, then we will contact the customer and advise them of the exact delivery charge prior to items being shipped. 

4) For customers from the USA: If the total shipping weight of your purchase does not exceed 200 Grams, please make your purchase as per normal. If your total purchase weight exceeds 200 Grams then please note that the point highlighted below (5) will apply.

5) Shipping charges to the rest of the world will apply depending on the destination. Please contact us first and we will gladly provide you with the exact postal charges for your destination. We will deal with your request as promptly as  possible. We sincerely value all our customers.  

6) When creating an account with please ensure that all your personal details are correct and up to date.

7) We will normally accept payments via Pay-pal or otherwise using a Credit or Debit card. However customers who wish to pay by cheque or postal order will have to contact us via email and we will do our utmost to assist them. If payments are received in a cheque or money order form, such payments will have to be cleared before any orders can be processed and dispatched. 

8) Our intention is to provide customers with the best possible service, however in certain circumstances, we reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or add content, or cancel orders at our own discretion. This will only happen in special and unfortunate circumstances.

9) We never store customers' personal credit or debit card details, anywhere. We will not disclose any of your personal details to anyone.

10) For all trade enquiries, please contact Dawa2ulhaq by email Wholesale enquiries from Masaajids, Bookshops, ebay sellers, Schools, Islamic Societies and even large families  are especially welcome. If we feel that you should be entitled to purchase any of our goods (in a reasonable quantity) at a wholesale price, we will gladly consider your request. 

11) Once we process and dispatch your goods and they reach you in good condition and working order, we will not refund such goods under any condition.

12) Once the goods have been processed and dispatched to you and we have proof of postage as supporting evidence, we will not accept any responsibility for loss. If goods are damaged or defective, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. Contact should be by email

13) If you place an order and the item is unexpectedly out of stock, we will contact and advise you at the earliest notice.

14) All damaged goods have to be returned before a replacement can be considered. We will provide you with details about where to return these items. In such a situation, our prime intention will be to replace the damaged goods. If the replacement is not available, the customer will receive a full refund.  

15) Our normal delivery service is primarily for customers in the UK. If however, customers from outside the UK wish to purchase our products, they can contact us by email They will have to provide us with their Postal Address, the list of items they wish to purchase and their method of payment. We will advise them of the shipping charges accordingly. Please note, that no goods will be dispatched until all payments have been received and cleared beforehand. You will receive our full cooperation in such transactions. 

16) We aim to provide you with the friendliest  service possible. Your statutory rights will not be affected.