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The Prophetic Invocations (Duas) On Protection 2 CDs

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The Prophetic Invocations on Protection', is a 2 CD compilation containing selected Prophetic invocations and verses from the Holy Qur'an, illustrating how and why seeking spiritual protection in Allah, the Exalted, is essential in our daily lives. Although the theme of protection has been prevalent at all times, it is of more relevance now than it ever was: our times are increasingly characterised by suffering from spiritual, social, family and mental health related problems.

These trials or difficulties (bala) may be caused by a range of physical and unseen factors, including individual shortcomings, stressful experiences, oppression from others, transgression towards sin, supernatural afflictions or even divine tests (ibtilah) from Allah, the Most High, to draw out our commitment to Him. All of these have lasting effects on the quality of our relationship with Allah and our functioning within ourselves, with our peers and with society at large.

Numerous examples from the Quran and Prophetic Sunnah indicate the recommended practice in and virtue of remembrance (dhikr) or in making prayer (dua) to Allah, the Most High, when in difficulty or crisis, of whatever nature, as well as implementing them in our daily lives.

The verses of the Quran and duas are recited in Arabic by Yahya Hawwa (Jordan) and Abu Tayeb (London) in the Hafs form for clarity, easy grasp and learning. They are followed by English translation by Ehsan Abdullah Hannan and are accompanied with Hadith and sound effects to assist contextualisation. The materials used throughout the project have been carefully selected for their authenticity.

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